Your Manual

In this blog you will find clear guidelines and practical tips to create a flawless and original piece of any type of writing!

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Job or Hobby

We are going to make out whether your hobby to write for the closest friends and drawer can grow into a well-paid job!

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Your Story

It is your chance to make your dream come true! Write your story with us and enjoy the very process of doing it!

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Man Writing with Feather

Have you ever wondered how world-famous authors of the past and today create their works? Before you try to come up with an answer, let us specify that at the moment we are considering not only novelists or poets, but also journalists, scientists and even modern bloggers.

Probably, all these people know some particular secret of how to combine words so beautifully and skillfully that readers just cannot resist this magic or spell. Or, maybe, a certain number of these masters of word are selected by some eternal power in every century, so their writing skills are really what is called the gift of heaven, or something like that.

Well, who knows? Let us put the philosophy aside and look into the eyes of truth. When you feel like you are ready to buy your essay (for almost any money) just not to suffer from this lack of time, inspiration, knowledge, or whatever, you know that you cannot count on such abstract things as magic or talent. You need real-life approach and effective strategy to write an article for a college journal, a blog post or even a thesis.

That is why you are here! We have designed this blog as a unique online manual of clear guidelines on different types of writing. In order to add more practical value to it, we are going to fill it with relevant ideas and examples. So, you will be able to see how this or that strategy works in reality.

Okay, it is time to check on more details! Let us start!

Books and Laptops

Writing Before, in and After College

When we were children, writing was one of the first and most important skills our parents and primary school teachers taught us, along with speaking and reading. As they and many smart books told us later, that was very important for our normal development. But the thing is that we were not told that actually it is quite a difficult activity. Especially when it comes to such things as term paper or thesis.

We have taken this idea into consideration. And we are going to provide you with many useful hints which will allow you to apply your creativity without breaking the boundaries of the set requirements and standards.

Writing for Fun: Or Why Become a Blogger

If you are one of those cranks who can find a few minutes and a little bit of strength to write a page or two of something besides your college papers, you should seriously think of such behavior of yours. The thing is that these drafts of poems and short stories can be the symptoms of your writing talent. Yes, of that abstract thing.

You never know until you try, right? One of the most painless ways to try is to launch your personal blog. And we will prompt you how to keep it alive. Here you can discover the greatest strategies to organize your text in the best way, make it readable and compelling to read. You will learn to play with words, craft original images with their help and express your ideas in an undeniably convincing way.

Yes, Writer Is a Job

And it is not only about freelancing. These days the demand in high-quality and attractive content is very high. However, it appears that not everybody can be that right person to create such content. That is why it can be your chance to try your skills and knowledge out! In more detail we will tell you everything you need to know to become a successful and well-paid writer. So, do not miss our updates!

Where and How to Look for Your Muse

When you get tired of numerous tips and just want to refresh your brain with some interesting and inspiring ideas, we will be ready to throw them out to you! Besides, we will tell you how you can find inspiration yourself, keep your spirits up and stay optimistic about your papers and projects.

Things automatically get easier when you know how to approach them! So, find the best approach to your writing with our blog!