Going to College

Every college or university in the application form requires an admission essay. You need to express your strong motivation to enroll in this exact college and nowhere else (even if it is not true). It can be even more important than your IELTS and SAT results because your essay shows your personality, your independence, and confidence. If you are in such a mess and do not know anything about the way to do that, we will try to help you.


So, what is the first thing you need to do when you try to get your application done? Firstly, you need to start beforehand for having some extra time to think and write some good qualitative essay. Keep in mind that thousands of students besides you want to go to college as much as you do. Therefore, you need to write an effective essay in order to compete with them. You need to try hard and leave a few weeks for thinking and writing. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the requirements that every college gives. They can be different, so if you want to send letters to several colleges you may need to write a few different essays. What kind of demands can it be? When you sit down to do it, you need to notice some special requirements like “do not go over 600 words” or “one-page essay.” If you do not stick to all the points, the college or university staff will not even read your essay. That is why you need to read all the application documents attentively in order to not make a mistake.

Writing About What?

An important requirement that every college establishes is a statement that you need to answer. It can be quite usual, for example, “What is the reason why you choose this university?” or “Why will you be a great student?” However, sometimes it is a very special question that is hard to answer. For example, “What is square one, and could you go back to it?” (The Chicago University, 2016-17 Supplement). Try to answer all the questions fully and in details. Do not be afraid to describe your personality too good. Be realistic and honest, write about all advantages and disadvantages of your temper. It would be great if you describe your character traits and express your own opinion not just like “Hi, my name is Stacy, I am smart and very independent,” but show it in the way of describing some situations where you used these traits. For example, “At the age of 17, I moved to another country, I have lived on my own for 2 years now, I solve problems that appear in my life on my own without help from anybody.” It gives an ability to believe that all information you have written is true.

Why Is It So Significant?

Student Graduation

It is not a secret that a personality of an applicant is a very important factor for most of the educational institutions. We can give you such an example from a real life: an ordinary girl from Russia had applied to the Duke University. Her test results were not perfect, nevertheless, she not only enrolled in the Duke but she also got a huge scholarship that covered all expenses, including travel costs. Some students among applicants were smarter than she was, but they did not get that much. What is this example about? It is about an importance of showing your individuality, independence, and ability to make important choices and solve all kinds of problems. In addition, they are interested in any activities you are fond of besides of studying because it describes you as an interesting personality. Remember the fact that most of universities and colleges, encourage students who do sports, so if you attended any sports club, write about it. This fact can become another way to get a scholarship. Although, be honest, because during your interview university’s staff will definitely find out the truth. Just be yourself, show your positive sides and be confident about them.

What Should I Write?

The information you will write actually does not matter. The only important thing is that your text should catch an eye from the first line. It needs to have a significant difference because there would be thousands of essays. Your essay should capture the attention. Try some unusual form of expressing your thoughts. It is a great idea to read some samples of essays, which worked, and their authors were admitted to the educational institution. There you can notice some things you can use in your own essay. In addition, you can read some books of classic and modern literature to increase your vocabulary. After you finish writing an essay, check attentively the whole text a few times because you could miss some grammar or spelling mistakes. You can ask your mom or friend to check it. Your essay needs to express a desire to get to the university you chose and a strong belief in yourself and your opportunities. To be successful, you need to show that you are highly motivated and you will bring something new to the science and developing of your country. It is vital to convince them – you need them, but they need you even more. Their choice will be based on your plans for the future, so they should be specific, realistic, and successful.

We hope that our tips were useful for you, so now you can write a great essay to apply for any university you want. We wish you good luck!

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