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As you read in our previous article, admission essay is a very important thing if you want to study in the university of your dream. You need to express your strong motivation to enroll in this exact college and nowhere else. Your essay must reveal your personality, independence, and confidence. If you have no idea how to write such type of essay, we have prepared a structured sample for you. Read and notice some points that may help you to perform your own essay successfully.

Introduction: You and Your Ambitions

Since my early childhood, I have been dreaming about me as a cool singer. I wanted to have the great performances like Beyonce or Lady Gaga. When some guests came to us, I sang famous songs for them. Obviously, they thought that it was pretty good. Even now I remember the first time when I sang with a microphone. At that moment, I felt myself like a Whitney Huston or somebody else (it does not matter that I have sung some childish song from a cartoon). When I was six, my mom led me to music classes. My entire music obsession started after that. I worked really hard during my junior school. It is strange for me now that I was so strong and I had an ability to do all tasks I needed to have done. I attended music classes, dancing classes and School of Arts. I am not sorry that I did not do some silly things that other children did like playing dolls or trying to smoke. At the time I will have to make a decision about my own child and his or her activities, I will do exactly the same thing as my parents did.

Personality and Life Goals

I have an obsession about reaching my goals. I believe that any person has time for all activities he or she wants. The only things that matter are time-management and planning. In my opinion, any personality cannot just achieve something and stop after that. All our life is a process of self-developing and reaching new goals. I will so happy if all my dreams and plans come true as a result of my hard work. Sometimes some famous people and their speeches, for example, Steve Jobs or Jim Kerry, inspire me. It is such a helpful thing when you are tired and you want to give up.


One day someone asked me: “Do you prefer to be the strongest person among weak people or the weakest person among the strong ones?” That time I thought that I wished to be in the first category. Although only now I have realized that it is more important to be motivated to do something in the better way. That is why I have chosen Berkley College. It is very famous and many young people all over the world try to enter this school. If I am accepted, I would study with talented girls and boys with strong voices. If I had a chance to compete them I would be the happiest person in the world! I really like being busy, when I have so much work, exams, tests, essays, job. It is the most delightful thing when you can deal with all this stuff and you are proud of yourself.

Person on Stage

Own Strong Position

In my opinion, every person needs to do what he or she wants. Our studying or our job in future takes so much time, scientists say that it is like 70% of our life. Just imagine that you hate your job. So you hate 70% of your life. It is pretty much, so your life becomes horrible. In case if you love what you are doing, only in this way I will have a happy life, for example, I love singing and I want to be a singer. I do not understand this type of parents who just tell their children that they have to be a doctor, a lawyer or someone else. They forgot to ask them what they want without adults’ silly tips. That is why so many children just quit a college or university. Fortunately, my parents did not do such a thing. They let me do whatever I like, they do not say something like “Oh, honey, being a singer is not a profession.” Every parent must believe in his or her own child, believe that he can make all his dreams come true. This attitude is strong, smart, and purposeful.

Character Traits

I am not afraid of any difficulties. I have lived on my own for five months now. I moved to another city for studying at school I like more than my old one. It was a really hard decision to make, but now I am so happy. I love my parents and I miss them pretty much, but that is not a thing. The important part is that I became so much stronger and more independent than I was before. It became something like a lesson of life, and it turned out to be helpful for me. Also, I have more competitive classmates than I had in my previous school. I do not feel like the smartest person in the whole class or even school. For the very beginning, I felt like the weakest person among strong ones. Although after a hard work, I became better and I have new goals to achieve. I think it is great to have a space for growing up higher and higher in the context of success.

Final Thought

I am young but I have already thought about my future. I cannot say exactly how I see my life in five years, but I know that my plans and desires are different from plans of my peers. I do not dream about smartphones or food, fashion bag, and shoes. It may be cool, but the thing I really desire is an ability to travel. In my opinion, it is the best way to get new experience, to meet new people and, the most important, to know something new about yourself. I know that my future job can give me such an ability, so I am ready to fight for my dreams.

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