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It is a common genre of an essay among students. It effectively develops you as a personality and also gives an ability to show your position, why you think just this way and not another. To speak up point the of view you should use some strong arguments, so you need to get to know how to find what exactly you can add from this giant number of sources. It is important to be aware of different points of view, not just one. You can or even have to use literature and materials, which were published earlier. Use different materials, not only books and articles. Some interviews and experiments will be helpful for you, especially if they were made recently. Usually, an argumentative composition is one of the final projects, so you have time to think over your topic in details. In this way, you will have to put your thoughts together and write your own view on this problem. When you write your own statements, you need to mention scientists whose opinion you liked, so an extensive research is a necessary task. The thing of great importance is that you need to make your text strong and confident. This type of work has to include the main issue and its pros (ideas you support) and cons (ideas which are opposite to yours). Just imagine that you perform your text in front of a big audience. Does it have an influence on them? Can it change an opinion of anybody? If yes, you have done your work well.



Somebody might keep some fresh ideas but does not have an ability to put them together and compose an effective text that aimed at convincing. If it is divided into small parts logically, it is easier to perceive a text.

  • The first sentence of a text has to be original and exciting in order to catch an eye of any person.
  • You definitely should start from an introduction; usually, the main statement takes this place. In this part, you show your problem in a general way and prove the fact that it is important nowadays. Be careful with the introduction, an effect of your essay depends on it.
  • Then you start working on body sections. It would be great if one paragraph expresses and explains only one thought or idea. Every statement in body rubrics should be relevant to the general argument of the first part. Also, all parts of an essay should be connected to each other logically. Add some research descriptions and statistics; this way your essay will look more convincing and strong. Keep in mind that you need to consider different points of view, not only yours, even if you disagree with this point.
  • After getting done all this stuff, you will come to a closing part. It has to support your lead-in, but do not rephrase it. This part is the most responsible because it leaves some strong impression on the mind of a person who will read this. So, even if you wrote a great text in previous paragraphs but your conclusion is not so good, your grade will not be such as you hoped. It is the weightiest and, at the same time, a difficult part to write. That is why you need to start writing beforehand in order to have a few days for thinking about the final of your composition. A perfect conclusion consists of strong statements that connected to body part logically, but you have not mentioned them before. Remember that is the last part so it has to end brightly and effectively by consuming all the thoughts you wrote before.

Choice of the Title

There are some requirements you need to stick to. Firstly, your problem or question has to be specific. If your text is too general, there might be some exceptions. For example, a statement “Marijuana must be considered as illegal drug” would not work well for you, because there are still some cases when marijuana becomes a good thing. So you need to add specific circumstances like “It should be prohibited to sell and use marijuana in public places.”  In addition, your title should show your opinion, not just an option of choice. Pay attention to the fact that a question cannot become your topic, so try to rephrase it. Some fact cannot be your topic too because it is a thing that everybody knows, not only you. Finally, you cannot express your feelings in the topic, because it should be logical and provable.

Useful Tips to Make It Brilliant

If you have a thought that your essay is not convincing enough, just imagine that you are arguing with your friend or classmate. What might become a topic of your debate? What is your point of view and arguments, which support it? After using your imagination in this way, so many new ideas will appear in your head, that you definitely will be able to write a strong composition aimed at convincing. Just be confident, the fact that you are not a famous scientist does not mean that you cannot have an opinion about any question that means something for science. Besides of it, remember that any debate has its start, middle and the end. In the last paragraph, questions of your essay need to be answered and all problems should be solved. No doubts, your essay should be detailed and it needs to include scientific facts, statistics, and competent sources. Talking about a size of an essay, you have two options. The first option is the five-paragraph essay: one paragraph for introduction, three body sections and one paragraph for a conclusion. The second option is a longer essay, as long as you need. You can use this if this essay is an important work like an essay for the final exam. Maybe the assignment that teacher gave you contains the information about how many paragraphs you should write.

We hope that our tips will help you to get a high grade. You could read more information about it here. Also, check out our article about annotated bibliography, you definitely will need it in future. Be sure that it is as good as this article about argumentative essays.

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