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Article review is a popular form of writing tasks in college because it gives an opportunity to show your understanding of a subject, your logical thinking, and an ability to support or refute any arguments. In addition, in this way, you can find out something new that you have not known before in your field, some facts or researches of successful scientists. However, not everyone can analyze an amount of information and express his or her own thoughts in the right way and form. Fortunately, it is easy to learn.

Choice of an Article

Often professor can choose an article and just give it to you, in this way the only thing you need to do is just writing a review. This case has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you do not need to think much and search for an interesting article. On the other hand, the article that your professor gave can be difficult for analyzing or just not interesting to you. Sometimes a professor gives an ability to choose an article for a review on your own, in that case, you need to be attentive, to read many articles and choose the best one. You need to understand and know meanings of all the words in the article you chose. You can agree or disagree with the statements that author gave. The main thing is to explain why you have such an opinion with arguments and logic. The important thing that you need to accept is that you can have an opinion that is different from another people and scientists. It is a normal thing, you only have to express it confidently with examples and strong arguments.

What Is a Review?

It is a summary of an article with comments and critique added by you. This review is not written for a general audience; it is for reading by specialists who already have some knowledge about this subject or question. Therefore, you do not need to explain all the terminology that is used. Your task is to express the main thoughts of an article in general, show researches and achievements of this scientist and add your own opinion. Standing on your position you can even offer some ways to do something more effectively than it was described in the article. Add proofs to make your statements more assuring. At the same time, remember that comments should be based on the studies that were given in the article, not a new one.

Organization of a Review

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Your review should consist of a few important parts. The first part is the summary of the article, the main statements and information, results of a research. The second paragraph concludes the positive sides, which you agree with. Anyway, there should be something that the author did quite well. The third part is disadvantages of the text that you have noticed. It can be anything from mistakes in facts to an inappropriate form of an article. Even the greatest scientists can make mistakes, so do not be afraid of criticizing them. There also can be some questions on what a reader cannot find answers in the article. It happens often, it is a normal thing that an introduction does not match a content. Your task is to notice it and write about this big mistake. By the way, you can read an article step by step, begin from a title and introduction, and only after that read the main part of an article. In this way, you will notice not only content mistakes but also errors in a structure what is very important for any article, especially scientific. Also by using a method “step by step” you will not become tired because of a huge amount of information.

How to Make It Easier

You can spend much time while reading the whole article many times, but it could be not so effective. In order to write a good review, you need to organize your process of reading. Firstly, make notes while reading, write down some questions that scientist promised to answer but did not, sentences that have a strange or unclear structure. Also, pay attention to the terms you do not know, find their meaning and just remember them (because this article may be related to the subject you learn at university). You can use markers of different colors to highlight the main statements and parts you would change if you were an author. The most important condition for writing a good review is an understanding of the whole material and every word in a text. Also, you can mark terms that were used in an inappropriate way, in your opinion. Try reading other tips on the Internet.

Why Is It Useful?

After reading an article, you can compare the knowledge you had before and the knowledge you have now. Did you find out some new facts for yourself? Does the opinion of this scientist match to the information you are learning in college or not? If not, think about your preferences, what opinion you like more. While studying it is important to get to know different points of view, so reading articles concluding information from your field gives you an opportunity to become more professional as a specialist. Do not copy phrases or even sentences from the article to your review. Try to express your own opinion about it in other words. Your professor will appreciate this because it means that you paid attention to the article and spent time in order to understand it, it is a sign that you really want to study, to open new things and maybe to make a scientific discovery.

We hope that our tips were helpful for you and by using them, you will get a grade of your dream. Check out our article about an application essay, it can be useful for you or your friends. Have a good luck!

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