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There is nothing wrong with you if you liked or still like to write college essays and dream about your personal blog, or even have one at the moment. This may be quite strange though. But it is not a crime in any case.

Still, talent for writing is a shy thing. It would definitely behave in a much more extroverted way if you could sing or paint. However, when you feel like you really want to put a few rhymed lines on paper, your fairest friend and most unbiased critic is the drawer, where you hide your strange skill.

What about all those names you can read on book covers, in magazines or blogs? Those people are real, that is for sure. What is more, they seem to have made their writing talent work for them and help them fulfill their aims, whatever these aims are.

So, what is your choice? Do you want to continue inventing fairy tales for your little siblings or help them do their home assignments? You have much more options!

Start with Non-Profit Projects and Define Your Interests

When you are a budding writer and do not even dare show your personal achievements to anybody and anything except your notebook and drawer, you can hardly estimate how skillful you are and in which direction you should go. Consequently, you may be somewhat uncertain whether you are ready to offer your unique writing services for money.

Volunteering is your way out of these doubts! On the Net you can find plenty of projects and programs that welcome talented guys like you. Participation in such projects allows you not only to see what you really can do, but also to meet people who are on the same wavelength with you. It is your chance to gain priceless knowledge and experience, which will be very helpful for your future career.


Explore the Variety of Absolutely Real and Official Writing Jobs

Just type this request for Google and you will be amazed by the wide array of opportunities you actually have. The good news is that your college diploma might not weigh too much for any of them. However, a description of any writing job you will find cannot be full without a list of requirements.

Statistics shows that web-content writers and copy-writers are the most popular jobs. If, for example, you see the vacancy with this web-element, you might need to know the basics of search engine optimization, not to mention flawless English (or, maybe, even some other language). But even you have no idea of it, you still have a chance to get such job. All you need is the wish to learn new things and to work (hard).

Launch Your Own Start-Up

A blog is an optimal and the most harmless start-up you can begin with. You can launch it even on a free platform. But the disadvantage of such way is that it will not be a completely independent and unique blog. It will be hosted by this platform and your author possibilities will be more limited. On the other hand, this will be a great start.

If you feel that you have more knowledge and experience, you can run a separate personal blog or any other kind of website, which will bring you some income and attract Internet users. It is not so easy to predict what exactly can happen after your website gains enough popularity. But in any case, this will be something very good for your career and life in general.

Instead of Conclusion

Look for the opportunities to apply your talent, but for the reasons why you have not done it yet! If what you consider as your hobby can bring you much more than 15-minute pleasure (while you are writing a film review, for instance), why not make it work for you and some more material profit?

Sleep on it, and then let your talent show itself!

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